FAQ - Frequently Asked Question

Q: Propellers don't spin when I take off with a drone.

1. Drone is not calibrated. Put the drone on the floor, go to the settings menu and tap calibration button. Wait for calibration to be done.

2. Propellers are stuck. Try to flick the props. If motor stops immediately, it can be stuck. Try to remove the propellers and clean the motor axis from anything that can block motor's rotation.

Q: The drone does not turn on (is not flashing). Charged battery is inserted into the drone.

Update the firmware in profile menu. 

Q: Is there a real laser?

The technology we are using is based on infrared light pulse which is invisible and safe for naked eye. Laser effects are used in our video just to illustrate invisible infrared light. We tested laser technology in Drone n Base but laser beam is too narrow. Including the laser technology would make the game extremely difficult to play.

Q: Has base a hologram?

No. Holograms were used in our video just to illustrate functions of the base in the game. Base has bright colored LEDs, each color represents a specific function of the base. Those functions can be set with the triangle button on the base before the game. 

Q: Can I use it outdoors?

Drone n Base is designed to work perfectly indoors only. Infrared technology does not work outdoors perfectly because of the sun light. 

Q: Can I play it with no internet connection?

Yes, but the multiplayer function is limited just like in any other multiplayer game. Majority of the Drone n Base games are made to be played in offline mode as well.

Q: How can I contact your team?

You can contact us at our email adress info@dronenbase.com

Q: I receive infrared signals even if I am not over the base.

The signal is reflecting from white objects like walls and furniture. Change the power of infrared LED in base. Please read the part CHANGING POWER OF INFRARED TRANSMITTER LED in manual.

Q: Where do you ship?


Q: Why are there the orange and green stickers on the bumbers?

These stickers are the trackers for augmented reality games. Camera recognizes the trackers and then the app knows where to draw augmented reality effects.

Q: How many players can join at a time?

Up to 8 players for now.

Q: How many bases do I need for Battle Mode? For Race?

For basic Deathmatch battle it’s not neccesary to use the base, however usage of bases is recommended, since it makes the game more attractive and more complex. For race you need at least one base for the Start/Finish line. Other bases can be used as checkpoints and boosts. 

Q: I can't track my drone in augmented reality games, what can be the problem?

Augmented reality games are sensitive to lighting. Make sure to have good lighting in a room for playing AR games. Choose the color of the stickers that is less frequent in a room. Do not fly near object that has similar colour like trackers. Always clean the lens of camera before flying.

Q: I can't play augmented reality game. What can be the problem?

There are few rules that you have to follow when playing AR game.

1. Well and evenly lit room. Daylight or white artificial light is the best. 
2. Always have clean lens on your camera.
3. Free area cca 1.5x1.5 meter.
4. Hard and flat flooring for reflecting ultrasonic signal.
Q: How do I play?

Get the Drone n Base App for your smartphone device, turn on bluetooth, plug in the batteries, connect drone with smartphone, pick a game and customize your environment for improved experience.

Q: Which devices support Drone n Base?

See the section DEVICES on our website


Q: What is Drone n Base?

First multi-genre indoor game in the World which transforms flying with drones into dramatic air races, fights and trainings. Drone n Base is a true gaming platform with palm sized drones which comes with dozens of single player games packed with laser shots and explosions.

Q: My drone does not hold the altitude, what is wrong?

There are several reasons to cause this.

1. The barometer in not calibrated correctly. Go to the settings menu and tap BAROMETER CALIBRATION button and follow onscreen instructions.

2. Drone accelerometers are not calibrated. Drone uses also accelerometers to hold the altitude. Calibrate the drone with CALIBRATION button in settings menu before flying.

Q: Drone starts to float and it's hard to control, what can be wrong?

Drone is not calibrated. Accelerometers and gyroscopes are very sensitive devices. After crash the drone can fly in wrong angle. Tap the CALIBRATION button in settings menu.

We recommend to calibrate it also when you fly for longer period. The high temperature of electronics can also cause that drone is rotating spontaneuosly and drone is hard to control. Cool down the drone and calibrate it.

Q: I can't receive the infrared signal, what can be wrong?

The infared signal can be interfered by other infared sources. The sun is strong source of infrared signals. Please don't use Drone n Base in direct sun light or very sunny room. 

Cameras with night vision can be also source of strong infrared signal. Other RC toys controlled by infrared signal can also interfere with Drone n Base infrared gaming system.

Q: Drone is very loud and vibrating, what can be the problem?

1. Your propellers are bended. Replace the propellers. 

2. Motor axis are bended. Replace the motors. 

You can purchase spare parts from our webshop or at local dealer.

Q: Battery charging indication on the base is flashing randomly, what can be the problem?

1. You are using unoriginal USB cable. Please use original Drone n Base cable included in the package.

2. The power adapter or USB port has low supply current. Please use adapter or USB port with supply current more than 1A.

Q: I loose bluetooth signal very easily, what can be the problem?

Do not cover the bluetooth antenna when holding the phone. Phone cover or bumper can also help to increase the bluetooth range of the smart device.

Q: How far can I fly with the drone?

The flying distance varies according to the smart device used, from 5-30 meters. 

Q: What is the flight time of the drone?

The flight time of the drone is 7-8 minutes.