Before buy FAQ

What you need to know before buying Drone n Base

What makes Drone n Base unique?

It’s not just a drone, it’s a gaming platform.

Drone n Base includes more than 30 games and tricks. It has single player and multiplayer games like race and battle. We keep adding new games and features with updates. We guarantee hours of fun!

High tech extra durable drone.

State of the art construction of drone is a key to the best user experience. You don’t need to worry about crashing your drone during the game. We chose special plastics that make drone so durable that we added lifetime warranty to all plastic parts.
Multiple sensors make drone super easy to fly and safe to use.
Drone is always up to date, always ready for new games!

Who is Drone n Base dedicated to?

Drone n Base is suitable for everybody. Easy and intuitive smartphone or tablet control is easily handled by kids from 9 years old. However we suggest kids under age of 14 to use Drone n Base under adult supervision. Advanced users appreciate full manual throttle control for more precise maneuvers. Drone n Base is also popular as a present for business partners. If you are interested in purchasing larger quantities contact us at info@dronenbase.com

Do I need any certification or licence to fly the drone?

Drone n Base is a drone designed for flying inside, which means it is in legal accordance with public aviation rules. Drone weight is only 70 g (0.15 lbs), you do not need licence to fly drone though. However we suggest you to check public aviation rules in your country for your own safety.

Where do you ship?

We will ship your brand new Drone n Base package wherever around the globe. 🙂

Is my smartphone/tablet compatible?
Check compatibility of your device at devices

Drone FAQ

Frequently asked questions about drone

Is this drone safe?

Yes, drone is super safe and lightweight (70g). Drone has many safety features like crash detection, connection lost failsafe, batteries with protection which makes Drone n Base really kids friendly drone.

Does Drone n Base come with a camera?

No, Drone n Base does not have camera. In augmented reality games is used camera of a smartphone/tablet.

What is drone controlled with?

Drone is controlled via smartphone or tablet. You don’t need any additional accessories to control the drone. Check compatibility of your device at Devices

Can I use it outdoors?

Drone n Base is designed to work perfectly indoors only. Infrared technology does not work outdoors perfectly because of the sun light.

How far can I fly with the drone?

The flying distance varies according to the smart device used, from 5-30 meters.

What is the flight time of the drone?

The flight time of the drone is 7-8 minutes.

Game FAQ

Frequently asked questions about games

Is there a real laser?

The technology we are using is based on infrared light pulse which is invisible and safe for naked eye. Laser effects used in our video are there just to illustrate invisible infrared light. You can see virtual laser shots in augmented reality battle game.

Can I play multiplayer games without internet connection?

Yes, multiplayer game uses local network connection between players.

How many players can join at a time?

Up to 8 players for now.

How do I play?

Get the Drone n Base App for your smartphone device, turn on bluetooth, plug in the batteries, connect drone with smartphone, pick a game and customize your environment for improved experience.

Why are there the orange and green stickers on the bumbers?

These stickers are the trackers for augmented reality games. Camera recognizes the trackers and then the app knows where to draw augmented reality effects.

Other FAQ

Other frequently asked questions

Is Drone n Base suitable for teambuildings?

Yes, Drone n Base is really cool as teambuilding activity. If you are interested in purchasing it for teambuildings feel free to contact us at info@dronenbase.com

Is Drone n Base certified for US market?

Yes, Drone n Base has FCC certification for US market.

Is Drone n Base certified for European market?

Yes, Drone n Base has CE certification.

How can I contact your team?
You can contact us at our email adress info@dronenbase.com
Has base a hologram?

No. Holograms were used in our video just to illustrate functions of the base in the game. Base has bright colored LEDs, each color represents a specific function of the base. Those functions can be set with the triangle button on the base before the game.

I can’t receive the infrared signal, what can be wrong?

The infared signal can be interfered by other infrared sources. The sun is strong source of infrared signals. Please don’t use Drone n Base in direct sun light or very sunny room.

Cameras with night vision can be also source of strong infrared signal. Other RC toys controlled by infrared signal can also interfere with Drone n Base infrared gaming system.

Do you need help with product?

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