Fourth generation of electronics is filled with technology. This mini drone is equipped with many premium components and sensors used mainly in larger camera drones like sonar, barometer, current sensor which makes Drone n Base really smart drone. Auto take off and altitude hold makes Drone n Base very easy to fly and stable. Therefore this drone is suitable for beginners and kids. Special plastics makes drone almost indestructible.

Gyroscopic stabilized drone


Gyroscopic stabilized drone

Drone is extremely stable and easy to fly thanks to 3 axis gyroscope and 3 axis accelerometer sensor with 400 measurements per second. Drone n Base is a perfect choice to be your very first drone.

Drone with dual altitude hold


Gyro stabilized drone

Combination of high precision ultrasonic sensor and air pressure sensor enables easy altitude stabilization over various surfaces. Ultrasonic sensor measures distance between the drone and ground with same principle like bats measure distance from obstacles. High precision air pressure (barometer) sensor can detect tiny air changes. This enables to measure height in resolution of 5 centimeters (2 inches).

Drone crash test


Durable drone construction

You don’t need to worry about crashing the drone during the game. We chose special plastics that make the drone so durable that we added lifetime warranty to all plastic parts. Drone also turns off all its motors when it crashes to prevent any damages to motors or surroundings caused by spinning propellers.

Fast battery change system


Fast battery change system

Drone n Base batteries are developed with quick change system. Empty battery can be replaced extremely fast with freshly charged one. The whole process does not last longer than F1 pitstop.