Drone n Base – Idea of the year 2017 Vodafone 1.place

  Strong set of startup technology companies met in the finals of the 10th year of the “Vodafone Idea of the Year” competition attacking the world’s top in their industry. A total of 197 projects registered this year. The main prize was won by the Drone n Base Team with indoor gaming drone, second and third place, was given to the map services of Ventusky and Mapotic.   Vodafone Idea of the year 2017 winner Winner of the “Vodafone Idea of the Year” 2017 was Drone n Base project represented by its founder Robert Schochmann. The gaming project uses small, durable drone that brings new kind of entertainment. The drone is shockproof, with no risk of injury and it includes variety of original games. The team won 300 thousand crowns and investor negotiations about an investment up to 10 million.   Czech media articles about Vodafone Idea of the year competition: